Improved visibility during night driving

In Europe, 51% of pedestrian fatalities occur in darkness (EU – 2010). Many of these accidents, as well as collisions with animals, occur in rural areas, where the streets are not well lit, or when visibility is otherwise poor – for example in rain, fog or light snow.


NightGuard is a night vision system designed to help a driver detect pedestrians, cyclists or animals on the side of the road, or crossing from one side to the other at dusk, dawn, or at night.

NightGuard recognizes the thermal signature of living beings and, by applying a sophisticated computer vision algorithm, generates a warning for the driver while the car is at a safe distance – even when they are outside the range of the car’s headlights.

The sensor doesn’t require a light source, it uses natural thermal radiation. NightGuard detects living beings at a distance of 300 meters, then 110 meters before the car reaches the person or animal, the system issues a corresponding warning on the vehicle’s screen or via a head-up display.

NightGuard isn’t impacted by glare – its thermal images are always clear and easily recognizable. It also operates over a wide temperature range and in a variety of weather conditions.

Using Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) microbolometer technology, NightGuard consists of a small camera integrated into the radiator grill and a processing unit located in the vehicle’s interior.

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