Battery Management

Battery Management

With our battery management components, battery packs are smaller, cheaper, and safer!

IEE offers systems and components for a range of applications:

  • Heat management:
    • SafeHeat, self-regulating safe battery heaters
    • Temperature measurement
  • Sensing, monitoring and balancing:
    • Space-saving connecting elements for cell interconnection, voltage and temperature measurement, and charge balancing
    • Battery module connection systems
    • Controlled passive charge balancing with PTC elements
    • Magnetic-field measurement for inductive charging

Key Advantages

  • Superior design freedom:  Due to their high flexibility, our battery management components can be designed for a variety of shapes, including complex 3D shapes and curved applications. The foil-based components can be attached to most surfaces.
  • Flat, thin and lightweight:  Our battery management solutions can be sandwiched between cell blocks and/or battery cells, or wrapped around battery packs.
  • Different connection technologies: With a range of connection technologies, our battery management options offer the right solution for your application.
  • Customer-specific: IEE can develop and produce tailored components to meet specific customer requirements.
  • Robust technology: With a combination of light weight and high mechanical robustness, our battery management solutions are fail-safe and reliable.
  • Experience:  We have more than 25 years of experience in screen printing technology, automotive qualified manufacturing process, and in the integration of sensor systems.

Battery connection component

IEE can offer various battery module connection systems for lithium-ion batteries, as customized all-in-one solutions.

Our battery module connection systems for voltage and temperature measurement are based on thin polymer films and provide an electrical connection between the cells and/or temperature sensors and the control unit. A typical application is monitoring the voltage of battery cells, using reliable connection technology for cell charge equalization.

The battery connection system can be directly attached to the cell contacts. In addition, NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) Thermistors can be positioned on the connection system to monitor cell temperature. IEE’s battery connection systems are built on flexible and very thin polymer foil.

Temperature sensor to monitor cell temperature

IEE’s temperature sensors are thin enough to slip in between individual battery cells inside the pack, where they read temperature and support the management of state of charge, and improve the health of the battery.

Passive charge balancing resistor

IEE’s PTC elements are the right choice for discharge resistors for Passive Cell Balancing. Assembled on, for example, an aluminum support, they offer high thermal conductivity.

Depending on the assembly conditions, a power density up to 10kW/sqm, with operating voltages of more than 100V and currents up to 5 A, is possible. If required, safe operation is guaranteed by the current self-limiting effect of the PTC.

Multifunctional combination products

Different battery management functions can be integrated according to your needs into a single, tailor made film component - e.g. PTC balancing resistor combined with temperature sensor and connection element.

Do you need more information on how we can help you improve your battery pack? Then please contact our representatives. 

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